Domestic transportation was the first standalone division of our Company, and its continuous growth has allowed for new vehicle purchases every year. Our Clients use our 1 to 24-ton capacity vehicles for various duties ranging from case-by-case transports to dedicated services: We fulfil 90 percent of our freight orders with our own fleet, warranting top quality standards.

We offer plannable capacity and countrywide coverage to our Partners



Our freight vehicle

70 percent of our fleet are 40-ton full trailer combinations and 30 percent are trucks. In addition to our own fleet, we engage qualified and verified subcontractors into the fulfilment of our Clients’ freight orders. The average age of our vehicle fleet is less then 2 years. We increase the logistics efficiency of our Partners through solutions and vehicle bodies adapted to specific needs. Environmental protection is a priority aspect in the purchasing planning of BHS Trans, hence we buy only economical (ECO mode) vehicles of the highest environmental class (EURO 6).