Our complex logistics and distribution (LTL) system is based on our modern warehouses which have a solution for all client needs. The location and layout of our warehouse bases warrant our optimal and cost effective services.

Our warehouses and logistics use the SAP ERP system, ensuring real time reporting with actual content to our Partners.

Central warehouses – Dunakeszi and Szikszó

Our central warehouses have storage space for both racked and stacked storage. For efficient utilisation, our racked storage spaces have been built with high-bay warehousing and narrow aisle technology. Our rack systems have a capacity of more than 1,000 kg/pallet position, thus they fully satisfy any client needs. Proper material handling is ensured by cutting-edge electric stackers, counterbalanced forklifts and reach trucks. Our complex logistics and value adding services are performed in the dedicated shipping & receiving space. For our new Clients, we set up a customized storage space for the most efficient warehousing processes. Inventory management and inventory movements are monitored in our integrated ERP system which ensures continuous and up-to-date reporting to our Partners.

Cross-docking warehouses – Miskolc, Székesfehérvár, Pécs, Keszthely, Szeged, Ebes

The layout of these warehouses allows for an accurate and quick

cross-docking forwarding of goods and temporary storage before delivering to the stores and supermarkets. Our depot system provides countrywide coverage for our services. Our cross-docking warehouses allow for the application of efficient logistics models, thus they increase the logistics potential of our Partners. Our ERP system tracks the goods transported by us from their dispatch to delivery to the Customers.

Warehouse logistics :